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some visually impaired and sighted teachers and some volunteers who are the caring hearts towards the welfare and the rights of differently abled persons, were in the search of single platform for sharing their thoughts and its establishment. The bud of unification was blossomed as association on February 2017.
As our dream to make a developed and progressive society of differently abled, we highly pay attention towards the quality of education for the differently abled students. Now a days, it is being argued to which kind of education is suitable and fulfil the special needs of the differently abled children either special care education or the inclusive form of education.

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president Chitra
 due to Covid 19 pandemic, Prevailing this lockdown situation, our visually challenged friends, who run their life by doing sales on trains, or working as labourers for small wages in fireworks and in cover making companies, have lost their livelihood. Our association decided to select 50 families and give Rs. 1000 for each of them. In the meantime, we requested the public through social media and explained about the misery.
graphic a blind woman sales in rail
 We wondered and gained hope to serve more families as More than 150 helping hands from all over the world joined together and supported us. At this time, from Chennai to Kanniyakumari, we have served above 500 visually challenged families by transferring money to their bank accounts.
graphic help
 We humbly thank our social media friends like Parvaiyatravan, Mrs. Latharamakrishnan and Dr. Senbalan who took our voice to the whole world. We share our gratitude to Jaki Cinema youtube channel and Puthu.Thinnai.com supported us and led to get more help.
as we wanted to make handshaking with every helping hand to convey our gratitude for their precious contribution, , we made their names visible. Finally, we thank all who gave birth to new hope for life and enthusiasm among our visually challenged society.

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Helenkeller Association for the Welfare of Differently Abled Persons
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are you interested to serve differently abled persons in anyway, our association is the right platform. if you want to join or share any ideas with us then write to us.
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